Lobbying and Government Affairs Consulting

Solving complex natural resource issues and shaping policy on behalf of our clients.

Your Trusted Federal Lobbyists Focusing on Natural Resources

Natural Resource Results is a lobbying and government affairs firm in Washington DC. We are federal lobbyists, and are leaders in government relations that involve natural resource issues. We are a highly experienced firm, known for consistently delivering outcomes on behalf of our clients.


This is not just a job for each of us. We take pride in the cause. Founded in 2007, Natural Resource Results works with clients to accomplish measured results that benefit the economy, the community, and the environment.

Natural Resource Results

Our Experienced Team

Our five-member team has a great deal of experience in working with the federal government. We are a leader in lobbying and government affairs consulting dedicated to principled advocacy, responsive consulting, and timely results for each client.


What We Offer

  • Further conservation
  • Clean energy resources
  • Energy independence
  • Sustainable growth strategies
  • Consulting and lobbying

Our Specialty & Success

Coalition building is a specialty of the firm. In tackling clients’ problems, we provide strategic guidance and lobbying to achieve both the near- and long-term objectives of the client.

Performance is the key ingredient. We have been successful in helping many clients tackle challenging issues over the past decade.

  • Conservation
  • Energy
  • Climate
  • Community sustainability
  • Federal appropriations
  • Budget issues
  • Sportsmen and Women Issues
  • Western Water
  • Marine and Cold-water Fisheries
  • Ecosystem Markets
  • Historic Preservation